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There are two areas that are worth mentioning: firstly – depression and medication.

Here it has been possible to explore with a client those issues that are the original causes of their depression and eventually support them in slowly and gently coming off their medication so they can lead a new life as a new person – but in reality the person they truly are deep within, the person that had become covered up and hidden by the circumstances of life. I shall never forget a client eventually coming in one day and saying to me:

‘I’m now off the medication and feeling great – thank you very much Robin – I’m off!’

Secondly – sexual abuse – which can afflict both genders. Clients that have come to me have been deeply affected by these traumatic events and we have needed to work on releasing the shame and guilt that they carry – which have affected their current lives -and maybe taking actions that enable them to be restored to their true strength and confidence. They can then move on lead new lives.

When I first met Robin 18 months ago I was in the depths of depression....low esteem, low self respect and unsure if I would ever recover. My wife had died 4 years earlier and my eldest brother 3 months before my first session with Robin. I had met a lovely lady but had concerns about our future together.

Robin carefully supported me, listening to my description of the situation and gradually supported me in moving forward.

Now I feel a different person, but as Robin says, it was a voyage of discovery to understand my inner self and release the ‘real me’.

I really appreciate all the help Robin provided me, and now look forward to my future life, with all its wonders.....

AndrewDepression Recovery

When we first came see see Robin, I had decided that really our relationship wasn't really working and I no longer felt any love for David. Furthermore, the last thing I wanted was for him to show me any affection.

Somehow, Robin got us to communicate with each other in a new way. He also enabled us, over time, to understand how we had found ourselves in such a negative situation.

We were given various exercises to try and I have to say, to my utter astonishment, the feelings I used to have for David started to be felt again. I don't know how he did it, but somehow, Robin brought us together again. My heart is now truly open for David and I love giving him a hug!

AnneRelationship difficulties

In the first session with Robin I was in tears most of the time. I hadn't realised how much grief I was holding inside me. Robin helped me to understand how this had built up over the years and how, being aware of it, I could let it go.

Gradually, as I became more and more aware of the pattern of relationships in my life, I started to find out more about who I truly was – not the person I had been brought up to believe was me.

Eventually, I became more and more confident of this self I was ‘re-discovering’ and my life changed beyond recognition as I started to do things I had never done before.

Life is now exciting!

CarolineBecoming free of the past

You never can believe that this will happen to you….After twenty years of marriage our relationship came to a shocking and unthinkable conclusion. We separated and were left to pick up the pieces of our family as best as you can when all that you really care for and believe in has been taken from you.

After the initial shock we realised that maybe all was not lost and that we still cared deeply for each other and that maybe our own poor choices had lead us to this unfortunate place in our lives. We decided that our best course of action was to ask for help? Not something that comes easy.

Our subsequent close counselling sessions with Robin together were tentative to begin with however as the weeks have passed we have learned to talk openly and honestly to each other and to understand the triggers that had affected us in the past so that we can deal with them in a more responsible and understanding way.

We have subsequently moved back in together and are currently rebuilding the family life and love that we have always strived to achieve.

We both know that the counselling Robin has offered has made a great difference to our future and is something we both agree will continue with.

Anne and JohnMarriage Rejuvenation

Dearest Robin,

I have been meaning to send you this email for a long time, I was seeking your guidance a couple of years ago, and roughly for a year you saw me once a week to guide me through the some of the wrong choices I made.

Now I completely feel in your debt, my life has been amazing and I owe it to you, I cut ties, built bridges and faced my fears.

I am now currently working a normal weekday job, with great career prospects and I'm financially better off, I finally met a gentleman who treats me as his equal, and further more I find my self generally just loving every moment life has to offer.

I often go back to our time and remember your wise words and support, and try to encourage anyone who suffers to seek a counsellor, as in my opinion it's the best treatment any one could ask for.

Thank you for everything.

LizzieCreating a new life after past difficulties

Family life at home was a disaster. My wife and children tiptoed around me because they knew that at any moment I might explode with anger. Any little thing would set me off and I didn't know why. Eventually my wife said to me ' Either you get yourself sorted out or I'm leaving - and taking the children with me'.

That's when I came to Robin.

We explored all areas around my anger and how it came about. Robin also gave me a few techniques to practise. Gradually, I was able to manage my anger. Then we moved to the next stage which was to catch it before it 'took hold'. Eventually, after more time working together I was able to be free of the anger itself - and if I felt it returning at all, I knew what to do.

My family life was transformed. My wife and children started laughing again as we all drew closer together.

Thanks to Robin my life has been changed beyond recognition.

GeoffAnger issues

It was after I'd smashed up a local restaurant that I realised I needed help.

My wife had left me and I was devastated. I knew that my heavy drinking didn't help as it caused me to fly off the handle even quicker. Robin listened to my story and seemed to care rather than criticise and that helped enormously. I stopped the drinking.

He then suggested I tried a few techniques to help me both understand how such a deep rage came about in the fist place - and then manage it. Eventually I was able to deal with those people that previously got me really going by shouting at me. I was then able to not react in the old way whenever difficult situations came up.

Unbelievably, my wife and I are together again and I am so happy to be with the kids again.

LenExtreme anger

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